Using KumarRobotics/ublox with emlid REACH using str2str, RTKLIB


Has anyone used KumarRobotics/ublox with emlid REACH RTK module where ublox m8t chip is mounted using str2str?
I would appreciate if I get any advise to solve an issue I have now.

I’m trying to compare the NMEA solution coming from emlid itself with the positioning result with KumarRobotics/ublox.

However, I got an error below. The error is on the right hand where I launched roslaunch file of KumarRobotics and I got “terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std::runtime_error’”.
I googled but this issue page doesn’t help me.

On the left hand I ran str2str of RTKLIB to get correction data from NTRIP server.

By taking look at the left side, the correction data doesn’t seem to be received regularly, because sometimes it becomes timeout or unauthorized even though sometimes it the connection is established.

So, I have a hypothesis that the str2str works wrong and this cause the runtime error of KumarRobotics/ublox but I cannot prove this hypothesis because I don’t have one more gps receiver to setup a NTRIP Server…

Here, I would like to ask 3 questions.

  1. Does this ouptut of str2str look wrong?
  2. Does EMLID reach work with KumarRobotics/ublox?
  3. Would anyone please give me any suggestion to solve this issue?

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Hi Natsuka,

Welcome to our forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m afraid I hardly can be of much help in questions regarding 3rd-party equipment. Still, I can assist with configurations from the Reach side. Do you want to output the NMEA position from Reach?

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