Using Kismet or other wardriving software with Navio2/RasPi

Hi, all. I got my drone built and flying and now I’m trying to do fun stuffs with it. I’d like to use Kismet for warflying as a POC, and the issue I’m running into is how to read GPS data from the Navio2 and pipe it into the software. I know how to get GPS data via that python script in examples but I don’t think that’s particularly useful for this situation. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also not completely tied to Kismet, it just seems like the most popular option. Thanks.

Hi @slinkyfromhell,

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I’d suggest checking our GPS guide in Navio2 docs that explains how to get the current location data by decoding UBX protocol messages. I’m afraid I can hardly be of a help with the mentioned software.

Hopefully, someone from our users who’s experienced with it can advise something.

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