Using Hobbyking's Telemetry radios over DF13 - 90m Range


So I’m getting a 90m max range out of these radios. Are they supposed to be able to transmit further?

Right now I have them set up to 57600 baud (for some reason I can’t go less). I also have a pair of 915 mHz and 433 mHz transceivers. I tried both.

My worst issue is that the heads on the Reach cables and the radio cables were different so I had to clip and twist the cables If this could be the problem, how can I get around it? Is there any specific tools I can use to jimmy the heads?

Use the 3dr (SIK) configuration utility to set them up on a PC.
I used to get 800m LOS and 3-400m in wooded terrain with these I set the air rate to 24000 and the baud rate to 19200using the config app.

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