Using External radio with the Mavic 3 RTK module

Hi, I am interested in purchasing the RS3 with the external radio but I have a few questions.

I currently have the RS2 Base and a Mavic 3 Enterprise drone equipped with the RTK Module.
As we know, the RS2 base is set up to broadcast a local ntrip which is received by the Drone RTK Module. The issue I face with this method is the drone starts to lose RTK signal at approximately 1km away or even less from the base position.

Hence, I am thinking to purchase the RS3 base with the external radio and antennae to be able to broadcast signal at approximately 2km away from the base (Let us just say further that the basic setup would allow).
My question is, would the Mavic 3 enterprise drone RTK Module be able to receive that signal from the external radio antennae?

The reason I am asking this question is because I have been going through a few conversations and watching videos and I am under the impression that for a Rover (receiver) to receive the external radio signal the rover/receiver would have to be equipped with the UHF antennae. Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Could you please, advice on this. The long range of signal for drone and Rover is very vital to the work I will be conducting. Thank you.

Hi Kishan, you don’t need connection between the drone and the RS2, you need WiFi connection between the RS2 and the drone remote to broadcast the Ntrip connection, with the DJI O3 radio signal from the remote and the drone you have the corrections.


Hey, thank you for this. I have been looking at it all wrong then. Thank you again.

Hi Kishan, I can echo @danilostgo on this, the RS2 base is connected to the Remote Control (RC) using Local NTRIP, and then the RC is connected to the drone using telemetry with radio waves.

When it comes to flight distance, what really matters is the connection between your RC and the drone itself. That’s why adding an external radio antenna to the base won’t extend the range.