Using Emlid receiver as RTK base for Trimble R12

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Probably this question has been asked before but I can only find reference to using the Emlid with the M300 drone.

We are looking at trying to use and Emlid (Reach RS2+, I think?) as a base for RTK corrections to a Trimble R12i. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it possible? If so, any tricks or difficulties to know about?


Found it. There was a forum post here about it, just using the Emlid as the rover. It’s not really possible.

Not via local radio, but via Emlid Caster if the Trimble can receive NTRIP, and both units have access to internet.

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Hi Glen, you could also run an external radio on the RS2+.

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I also wanted to add to the comments above that the RS2+ base can transmit several legacy RTCM3 messages (1004, 1008, 1012, 1033) that can be used to work with other RTK receivers. It also can send 1006, 1074, 1084, 1094, 1124, and 1230. I believe it should be enough for R12i to calculate the solution.

Thanks for all the informative responses. I think running an external radio would be a bit too onerous given that we’re looking for a simple solution, and the other solutions sound way over my head.

Hi Glen,

I understand. Just wanted to mention that Emlid NTRIP Caster is free so you just need to make sure that R12i can receive/send the corrections over the internet. In case you ever want to test it, here is the Caster page and its online docs.


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