Using Emlid Reach M2 as base for m300 RTK

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Just doing a little research and was wondering if anyone is currently using the M2 as a base to send corrections to the M300 RTK via NTRIP. AS i have found that the RS+ and RS are both single band receivers and cannot be used for RTK. Another question is if i can still use the logs collected on these single band receivers for PPK?

Hi Aaron,

I’ve got a few thoughts to share with you.

With DJI, we’ve only tested the RS2 receiver. The whole process is described in our guide. Still, I think you can use the same configurations with your M2 as well. It’s just trickier to physically install the M2 as a base. Nothing is impossible but requires some testing :slight_smile: Also, some of our users may share their setups with you in case they have created something similar as a setup.

Indeed, as both RS+ and RS are single-band receivers, you can’t use them as a base for the multi-band receivers, such as your drone. That’s because the single-band doesn’t record enough information for the multi-band receivers to calculate the solution. So this is true for both RTK and PPK. If by any chance you can use the single-band receiver as a rover, then RS+ and RS can suffice.


Hi Aaron,
I was using the RS2 with my m300 as described in the link Polina shared, basically using the Emlid Caster service. You do need an internet connection though. I ended up paying for the correction network service, much easier setup but it cost depending on your location. Here in Texas it’s between $1200 and $2000…nothing free here.

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M2 works fine as NTRIP base with emlid caster. DJI is like 3rd party rover so you better test it yourself.

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