Using DJI M3E RTK with RS2+ techniques and issues

Hello Jack here.

I am attempting to integrate and use the Emlid Reach RS+2 with the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise with the RTK module for 3D & 2D mapping missions. I am wondering if anybody else has experience with this setup? What issues and solutions have you found using this combination. Has there been any problems setting up the RS+2 in the DJI Pilot 2 App? My goal is to record GCP data for PPK and setup and use the RS+2 for a base station for the Mavic 3 E. Thank you for any information or thoughts on this setup.



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Hey Jack, welcome to the forum. The RS2+ works well with the M3E. Several regulars on here have the M3E in their fleet and working well. the setup is the same as with the P4RTK or Evo2 RTK. You can check out the docs here:


Hello Jack!

I can confirm that M3E works well with the RS2+. You can connect the drone to the base in several ways, depending on the situation. The most common one is through local NTRIP.
I’ve encountered a few bugs on the DJI side but nothing a Pilot2 app restart won’t fix.

That being said, I never tried PPK in this configuration. Looking forward to seeing if others already tried it.

Works great in EzSurv, I can report.

Works fine in RTK mode with wifi or cellular connection (as long as sufficient signal or close enough for wifi connection to RS2 - found the range in hotspot mode not that great and I tend to use 2.4GHz for the drone which I think the wifi also uses), or using PPK without that live data connection (which you can always fall back to as long as you’re logging on the RS2 base correctly). I think some people use a separate wifi hotspot which can provide greater Wifi range. Note the DJI D-RTK 2 base station works a bit differently drone connection wise as uses ocucync between itself and DJI drone directly for RTK corrections rather than via the RC Pro Enterprise in this scenario and from RS2 to DJI controller and then to drone. Personally I think that’s the only advantage of that setup, its more expensive, far less flexible and useful and needs 3rd party software for PPK processing unlike the Emlids.

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Although a standard Wi-Fi router won’t provide data service it can greatly increase the range between the base and RC for NTRIP locally (not the technical Emlid Local NTRIP)… You can also use a Mi-Fi router.

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Emlid M2 working as base station via emlid caster works fine with M3E in rtk mode.
I also downloaded the ubx file of the M2 base station and processed the M3E raw files with Emlid Studio 1.5. The results were very good (all fixed) and within 1cm between the ppk and the rtk solution. Very satisfied overall.


Thank you for the information, I appreciate it!

In case anyone is interested, I wrote a post on my blog going through getting started with the Emlid RS2+ and DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise. Hopefully this will be helpful to someone. It walks you through setting up an RS2+ base station, setting GCPs, as well as getting the drone to talk to the RS2+ via Local NTRIP.


That is a great write-up! I wish I had found that some months ago when I was on the learning curve. If you have a good NTRIP connection, do you need the base station?

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If you have consistently good data connectivity and a CORS within 20km then no but be aware that your relative accuracy suffers the longer that baseline gets. With local NTRIP you don’t have to worry about that. The only reason I use hosted NTRIP any longer is to set a base and checkpoints.


I wouldn’t want to be caught without a base station, because I don’t know if my next survey is going to be close to an NTRIP base station.


Same. I am either in the middle of 3 CORS or don’t have one for 30-40km, or more.

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