Using different GPS device/brand as Base for ReachM2

Hi All,

Can I use different GPS device/brand as Base for ReachM2?
i.e. Trimble or Hi Target


Sure for PPK only, but for RTK you can ask emlid

I have used M2 as rover with a lot of different bases (leica,topcon,spectra) for both rtk and ppk.
It works without problem.


Thanks for the reply.

we tried to use PPK on VTOL UAV using different brand (Hi Target) as Base Station and the result was very bad with more than 8m differences compare with using Emlid product as base station.

Any suggestion on the setting, etc ?

Wow great…

Any suggestion or tutorial perhaps ?

Maybe you should check the coordinates of the Hi Target (or the emlid) base station.
If you are getting fix in rtk or ppk and have so much difference between the 2 solutions then something is wrong with the coordinates of your base station.


Noted, I will recheck it again

Hi @waladi,

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That’s right – Reach M2 can work with different bases in RTK and PPK if they provide RTCM3 corrections. Has @vgo195’s suggestion about the base’s coordinates helped?

Yes as long as the rtcm3 version is the same, and it produces the corrections for the constellations you are using.

Ive used a trimble bd970 as base for emlid and vice versa.

The only difference is the bd970 requires a 1008 message as rover, the emlid does not.

But if the base in question does not use rtcm3 it will not work.

Thank you all for your kind replies.

Finally we got it right and @vgo195 suggestion was spot on!
many thanks, now the PPK result was great with other brand as Base Station.


Thanks for the update! Glad to know it works now :slightly_smiling_face: