Using another brand for base and corrections

I have a Javad T3 base unit. If I broadcast corrections over cellular or UHF in a format my RD2 can use, can I set up my RS2 to receive them?

Also, can we broadcast corrections from my RS2 base over cellular?

Sorry if there are posts about this. Thanks.

The easiest thing would be to connect the units to the Emlid caster. Then it works just like NTRIP, but something you control both ends of.

Hi @avoidthelloyd,

Sure, if both receivers work with RTCM3 correction format, they can be an RTK team :slight_smile:

Note that to use UHF, you’ll need an external radio for RS2. The ones that allow Serial communication over USB or RS-232 will do.

RS2 can broadcast corrections over the Internet. As Christian mentioned, you’ll be fine working with Emlid Caster for this: it’s a way to connect your base and rover over the internet. So if your receiver supports NTRIP, there will be no issues with such integration.

So as long as the base unit has internet access it will broadcast? My other unit requires a mobile hotspot with Static IP address (very pricy).

Hi @avoidthelloyd,

Sure, if we’re talking about NTRIP connection. No need for the static IP on Reach’s side.

You can either connect Reach to the external network or use its mobile hotspot. The choice is yours. You can go to our docs on either SIM connection or via Wi-Fi to check this out.

I read an older post that Verizon SIM cards do not work? In the USA? Is that still the case? Thanks!

Not entirely sure what you’re referring to.

Reach works with 2G and 3G GSM SIM cards. There may be other requirements from the operator, like entering the APN or even using the user/password authentication on your SIM. All of these are supported in ReachView 3, though.

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Verizon is not GSM. It is CDMA.

You can connect the base to an external cell modem that works with whatever static ip sim you want, connect by wifi or 232 or bluetooth if the external modem has it.

or use generic sim and Emild caster as previously described

Many many ways to skin this cat.

Hi @avoidthelloyd,

Well, there you have it, then. That’s indeed a thing: you need to use the GSM SIMs.

I’d also back up what @PotatoFarmer said. It’s possible to work with external 4G modems if that’s required. The network requirements are not that stiff, in this case.

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