Using 2W LNA amplifier with lora, good idea or bad?

I am trying to get a lot more reach with the Lora Radios. But i have read they send a proprietary message structure. Which is not bad i would not want an error caused by another signal source interfering during machine operation.

Linear 900mhz amplifiers “LNA” are fairly inexpensive. Does anyone see any potential problems or has tried this already?

For about $30US it would make the lora 2W output if it works.

Have you tried an extended antenna? You could bump up to 8 or 10dbi? It won’t give you as much as an external radio, but will definitely help. Try it just on this base and then both. Sometimes you can hit a sweet spot.

I have found quite a few Lora’s on the internet advertising they use these. I will try it on my 1W ebyte’s first to see if it blows them.

I have tried a 18db antenna that can handle up too 50W of power @0.1W. It helped a lot. But power is no issue the sun is always making more of it.

I also have my HAM license so I am also allowed to amplify experimentally up too 1.5 KW in this band. But I think a solid 10W will do fine for my needs. Its like a Russian Airplane; Its not that it really needs 10 jet engines to fly, but is it not awesome to fly a plane with 10 jet engines.

Just trying to see how far away reliably I can drive a tractor, plus run a higher data and rtk correction refresh rate as well without cellular. RTK seems to be pretty solid 2" pass to pass over cellular at 30km, but if i can hit that distance with Lora. $80/month savings just on two sim cards. Add 3 combines, a Grain cart, a couple swathers and subscribing neighbours equipment it adds up quick.

Most professional gnss survey systems operate at 2W with the ability to increase to 10-15 watts.

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