Using 2 battery monitors with Navio?

Hi, we have an aicraft with two parallel batts, is it possible to monitor both with the navio? (we have a navio+ and a navio2, keen to know either way).

The APM::Plane code has had support for 2 batt monitors for a while now (i.e. BATT_MONITOR and BATT2_MONITOR params)


Hi Andrew,

On Navio+ additional ADC channels are located on pads on the bottom of the board. On Navio2 there is a separate DF13 connector with 2 ADC pins. You can use them for second battery monitor. Just note that on the ADC connector you should not plug in power module as there is power output, not input.

Indicate appropriate pins in the Mission Planner:
2 - power module voltage, 3 - power module current, 4 - ADC3 (marked on bottom of N2), 5 - ADC2.

Super, we’ll give it a go, thanks.