Useful GNSS Links for EU and UK (and other countries)

I thought I’s put together a set of links that may be of use to our EU and UK members, and many apply globally. These are resources I regularly use for accurate GNSS surveying and planning.

A Guide to Coordinate Systems in Great Britain, and excellent resource for UK GNSS surveyors (PDF)

Ordnance Survey coordinate transformer, essential tool to transform between ETRS89 and OSGB36. You can also download a spreadsheet transform tool and Grid Inquest II transformation GUI

Ordnance Survey RINEX download, access 30 second RINEX 2.11 data for over 130 UK stations

EUREF ETRF/ITRF transformation tool, useful for transforming between ITRF and ETRF frames (such as AusPos coordinate solutions):

EUREF Technical Note 1: Relationship and Transformation between the International and the European Terrestrial Reference Systems (PDF)

NASA CDDIS product holdings website

ETRS89 definitions, parameters and realisations

Trimble GNSS planning website, a fantastic and free resource to determine optimum times for GNSS surveying anywhere on the globe

WGS84 to UTM transformation tool

GPS Time calendar, find any GPS date

Simple DMS to Decimal converter tool

GPS and GNSS for Geospatial Professionals, excellent free course from Penn State University



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