Use RFD900 and usb together

Hi! i have sucessfully setup my rfd868. it is connected to uart.

Is it possible to use usb port at same time?

for example for output solution or to use intel edison ethernet to usb.

if i use both at same time it works not!



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It is not exactly restricted to use them both, but you still need one to power Reach. Could you elaborate on the setup you are trying to achieve?

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my rover is on the trekker…

i have connected rfd900 to uart on reach.
(In the past I used internet for getting corrections to reach - now I want try rfd900)

reach is powerd with usb cable connected to a laptop.

i use ftdi driver on laptop to use usb as a network connection.
witout the ftdi driver rfd works normal - but no connection to laptop
with ftdi driver rfd is busy all the time!

if it´s possible i want to send soltution to laptop using tspsvr…
or is it possible to send data direct over usb port? (rx/tx like uart)

regards andreas


You can setup ethernet over USB as shown here:

That allows you to stream data to laptop using TCP.

I know this and use this but in combination with rfd at same time on uart it don’t work

maybe this is a power issue? rfd900+ uses 800ma at peak!

If I connect USB and rfd together red light of rfd blinks always and reach cannot connect to pc using USB.

ok will try this!

I have found this:

If you believe that you have problems with the range, please check if the + 5V
Connect also to 5.00 volts. A measured voltage of e.g. 4.5 Volt is not enough.
The ground module is controlled by an FTDI driver. The driver limits the permissible current of the USB
Interface to 100 - 200 mA. With the FTDI utilities FT_PROG or MProg 3.5 you can increase the current to 500
MA. Parameters: Max Bus Power: 500mA
This is especially helpful with the modules with high output power.
Another tip to get the last bit out of reach:
The entrance of our Radiomodem is very sensitive and is quickly from the nearby
High frequency interference. Our notebook with Gigaherz fast assemblies polluted within a radius of
Some meters a very large frequency range. Also the USB cable with its 480 MHz ensures a strong
The solution is simple. An air module is also used for the ground station. This is carried out over as long as 4 poles.
Cable with a USB-TTL converter connected to the notebook USB interface. The cable length
Should be 50 cm to 200 cm

@panky @igor.vereninov

hi again! if have got external power unit.

i connect reach with tfdi to laptap

from reach to rfd900 i use rx and tx

the rfd900 is powerd with external power unit.
shall i connect also gnd from rfd900 to reach ?

regards andreas

A serial port requires ground, Rx, and Tx connections.


ok! my question was is that wiring ok or not?

or its is a problem that reach has then 2 gnd (1 from reach and 1 from rfd900)


yes, connect ground from rfd to reach; do not connect 5v from rfd to reach (i don’t know if reach lacks a diode and feeds power back to laptop and potentially ruin your laptop’s usb power module)

hi. it is a power issue.

i can reproducible the error!!

if i use a 2 A car adapter everything is ok.

if i use a 500mA adapter it works for 1-3 minutes. after that lights beginn to blink at rfd.

rfd900 needs a lot of power ~800mA.

If i use a usb cable from the laptop and use rfd and reach together there is less power!

@igor.vereninov please mention it in your docs!

It is right in RFD900 integration section:

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you should mention in docs that a usb from pc or laptop has not enough power!