Use Reach with MicroSurvey FieldGenius. Now on Android

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We’ve successfully completed the tests with the leading land survey software MicroSurvey FieldGenius. Reach RS2 pairs with most types of traditional data collectors via Bluetooth or USB and feeds the coordinates to MicroSurvey FieldGenius in NMEA format. Check our docs to get started!

MicroSurvey FieldGenius setup guide, Emlid docs

FieldGenius includes expanded toolsets and enhanced capabilities for professional data collection. You can switch coordinate systems, build the drawing as you measure, create digital terrain models, compute new points with a powerful COGO function and many more.

Reach RS2 with FieldGenius for Android

Another amazing news for Reach and MicroSurvey customers is that now you can use FieldGenius on your Android smartphone or tablet! Get a demo on the MicroSurvey website.

To get started with Reach and FieldGenius for Android, take a look at our guide on how to connect Reach with Android devices via Bluetooth.


I test it in Rtk base-rover mode test

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