Use Reach with 3m USB cable

We are using Reach successfully via USB cable (getting IMU and GPS data using USB). This all works very well. Now our setup has changed a bit and the distance between the Reach and the computer is 3m. Is it possible to use USB for that? We tried with standard 3m micro-USB cable, but this doesn’t work. We also tried original Reach accompanied cable with USB extender, still nothing. The extender was worse, as it wasn’t able to power the device. The 3m micros-USB cable was able to power the device (wifi worked), but we didn’t see network interface in linux (on computer). When using original USB cable, there will be a usb network interface on the computer.

So, TL;DR - can we use 3m USB cable to power the device AND receive data over it?

I see antenna extension cables in the shop, but doesn’t see any USB cable. Does it mean the original cable has the optimal (and may-be also the maximum) length?

Well I haven’t tried 3m, but I’ve tried 20m. Actually, I reflashed a Reach RS on this setup just to see if it could be done. As you know, flashing is pretty critical as far as data quality is concerned. Sorry for being a showoff.

The last link is a powered hub to the stock length Pizen cable though, so my example may not the best for your situation, but I think you should be fine with 3m long as your USB host port has decent power and your cable is of decent wire gauge. Also, I would say that if you were paranoid, then a short “active” USB extension would make sure Reach gets the proper voltage at the end of the line. That is what you see in the picture; a bunch of active USB extensions daisy-chained together.

proof in pics:


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Thanks for the reply! I will check out some different cables tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes.
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Typical devices can support up to about 20 feet of the USB 1.1 standard. The faster data rates of 2.0 and 3.0 saw a decrease in that length but I believe it is still in the 12-15 foot range. The quality of the cable is a huge factor. I would recommend looking for a cable with a larger gauge wire (smaller number followed by AWG). If memory serves correctly many USB cables provided with devices have a 28 AWG wire inside. Increasing size to 24 AWG or larger would give you more power and signal. However, 5.5V USB power will still be an issue over any greater distance. The best option would be either a USB to Ethernet booster that is externally powered or the use of a USB hub near the device.

Thanks again @bide . We took a different cable and now it works.

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