Use Reach M+ / Reach RTK with MAPIR Survey 3 camera

Have any of you tried to feed a MAPIR Survey3 camera with position information from a Reach RTK or Reach M+?

Did you manage to do it?

Did you power the Reach unit from the camera mini USB port?

This guide gives some information on how to connect a non MAPIR GPS receiver to a MAPIR Survey 3 Camera.

You can’t integrate M+ with Mapir Survey3 camera but should be possible to do with more expensive Mapir Kernel models.

Why cant integrate ?

$GNRMC messages supported with reach m+ and mapir survey 3 needed $GNRMC messages

I asked the same question to and got this answer: “We have not but we have heard Emlid has helped customers do so.”

andrew.yushkevich confirmed by PM that Survey 3 camera worked with a special version of the Survey 3 firmware. In PM he states that: “As I know they don’t have the possibility to integrate Mapir 3 with Reach now. However, you can ask their support about that. Maybe they added this functionality officially.”

I think Emlid tested the Survey 3 camera with the STANDARD GPS Firmware installed, and it did not work, as it only supports $GPRMC messages. Then they got custom firmware from MAPIR that supports $GNRMC messages, and it work with that firmware. Maybe andrew.yushkevich can confirm this?

I suspect that MAPIR later has released the advanced GPS module that supports Glonas, and with that they have released the ADVANCED GPS Firmware that supports $GNRMC messages. Hopefully Survey 3 with the ADVANCED GPS Firmware installed supports Reach M+, but has anyone tested it?

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İ have a mapir survey 3 with advantage gps

And maybe next week tested survey3 and m+

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Looking forward to read about your experience.

I am interested connecting a mapir survey 3 to the reach emlid m+ system. These tips are interesting.

Thanks for the link.

I have 4 survey 3 cameras I would like to link to the reach m+ module.

The survey 3 has a mini usb port for the gps; what is the appropriate cable connection with the m+?

Can I connect using the micro usb port to transfer gps tagging data or is that for power only?

The image shows the setup I am considering to use but I am not sure if this will work? My technical knowledge is limited so any advice appreciated.

Hi Tom,

The procedure of connecting Reach to Survey 3 is shown here: