Use Reach M+ as Base for Reach RX

I have a REACH RS+ and thinking to buy a new Reach RX. I know that the multiband REACH RS2+ is the best option for maximum accuracy. But, is possible to use the REACH RS+, monoband, as a base, until I update all my stuff?..thank you for your assistance.

No, you will need a dual band base. A 2-series can be a base for a M+/RS+ but not the other way around.


Hi Juan,

Michael is right. Reach RX is a multi-band RTK rover so it needs multi-band corrections from a base. If you don’t have an access to an NTRIP service, using Reach RS2+ as the base is going to be the best option here.

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Thank so much Liudmila and Michael, is clear for me that I need.

Juan pablo

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