Use Reach Compass for External Navio Compass

Reach specs say this:

“SCL and SDA belong to I2C1 on Intel Edison, I2C1 also could be used to communicate with internal magnetometer in MPU9250.”

Is the compass brought out to those pins now or is the “could be used” part mean we need to write the code on Reach?

I ask now because we have the hardware coming in the next few weeks and some time to test.

Unfortunately, it won’t be that easy! I suggest using an external magnetometer other than one that is on Reach for that purpose. It is well tested and we have a lot of information on the forum about it.

Thanks George. Was not sure if we could mux the pins if you were using mraa lib or similar. Not critical as it would mean moving and integrating the Reach in another location on the bot, which I am not crazy about anyway.