Use Reach as rover with existing Topcon base station?

I currently use an Intel Sirius Pro UAV for mapping. I’m using a Topcon PGS1 that is connected to the ‘connector’ or essentially the proprietary wifi modem as a base station. The connector interfaces with a laptop and UAV software.

Is it possible to use a Reach receiver as a rover, utilizing the existing Topcon PGS1 base station? Would this be done using Reachview to specify IP address and port number of the base station connector? Maybe I’m oversimplifying how these would interface with eachother…

The UAV has GPS L1 C/A, L2C, L2 P(Y) and GLONASS L1/L2

It will not work if you are expecting to get RTK. The RTCM corrections are not compatible. Others may be able to devise a way to treat the “base” as a service though…

The PGS1 is just an antenna so you should probably provide more specs on the radio.

RCTM is a standart in geomatics. Or I know it wrong

according to me radio modules if working same frequency and same protocol (FSK , FSHH …) all gps recievers communicate with rctm or nmea

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