Use navio2 by sensor

hello, i buy navio2 by using sensor not drone, plane anything (to use mini-satellite)

(deliver information<barometer, gps, IMU, etc> to my GCS(laptop))

(raspberrypi3 B+ + Navio2 + Lte stick : mavproxy) — udp using ddns ---- (laptop : mission planner)

so i install emlid-raspbian os and follow step1

and there is just option, arduplane arducopter and

current state is not using ardupilot

i wanna navio2 just sensor, so how to setup my raspberrypi?

My situation is that :

(Raspberry + Navio2 + 4g Lte Stick : MAVproxy) ----- udp using ddns ---- (laptop : mission planner)

i try this on Raspberry pi by using MAVproxy :

sudo --master=udp: --out=udp:“”:14550 --nodtr

but if my GCS(laptop using Mission Planner) try to connect my pi,

pi said

waiting for heartbeating


somebody help me!

What you are doing strikes me as a bit of over-kill to get sensor data. You could do this by setting up Ardupilot as ArduPlane, then just read the telemetry data (over SiK radio?) and never execute a flight plan.
There are two other options you might want to consider:

  1. Take an old Android phone and set it up to collect sensor data (barometer, GPS, IMU, etc). I have gone this path for simple projects (and even flown a phone on an RC airplane - complete with video).
  2. Hook the sensors directly to a Raspberry Pi. You can plug an old puck GPS into the USB, and places like AdaFruit have some nice sensors and code.

Because of this reasons.

  1. Mission planner and other gcs program are excellent to collect data and visual data
  2. I use 3 axis gimbal and gopro and wanna manipulate in air by using gcs
  3. Also i wanna use gps jammer by uing gcs
  4. And i already have.

So this reason. I think navio2 is best option by who is starter at coding and machine

Is there any way i can use that?

Hi Donghyun,

Are you following this guide?

If yes, you need to specify the IP address of your laptop, not (it is a localhost IP address).

Hi Donghyun,

Have you figured it out?

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