Use external state estimation node for ardupilot

Hi guys,

I’ve read a lot here in this forum and it helped me to set everything up properly - thanks for the documentation!

Some facts:
Image: 20190227
Arducopter: 3.6
Ros: 1.12.14 (Kintetic)
Vehicle: Quadrotor

I have a node from an external state estimation, that provides accurate data via ROS. I want to feed this data to the Navio/RPi for the autopilot. Sounds pretty simple and I thought I can just subscribe the state estimation node to a certain topic. Unfortunately I’m pretty new to all this stuff and am not at all from an IT background so I’d like to ask for some thoughts of the pros over here.

Any hints how to solve this problem, that a programming newcomer could understand?

Help is highly appreciated!

Thank you!

Nobody an idea?

Can I ask you to clarify what data type do you want to feed to Navio?
Have you seen our ROS tutorial?

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