Use emlid reach on TX2 but can't be detected


Recently I tried to use REACH RTK my laptop which is ubuntu 16.04 but it only show up in “lsusb” but not in “/dev”. Then I saw someone has the same problem, and fix it by this “GitHub - asymingt/rts5139: Fix for RTS5129 USB MMC card reader on Linux 3.16+ kernels” .

After that I tried it on Nvidia TX2. Unfortunately it can’t be detected with the command “lsusb”.(In fact it showed up for a few seconds “intel corp” then disappered.) I use the same solution on laptop, but it didn’t work. So I decided to use “buildJetsonTX2Kernel” to add module into my system. I enabled both Realtek USB card reader and Realtek USB SD/MMC Card Interface Driver, however it still not worked. Tx2 still can not detect the device. Is anyone has the same issue?


I got the answer on the TX2’s forum, all we need to do is adding a powered USB HUB.