Usb To Four Channel Uart Ic Ft4232H

Hi All

Navio2 have 1 uart port. I want to add 4 more uart ports to navio2.

The sensors I connected with ft232 through the uart port were working without any problem. I reviewed the ft4232h product produced by Ftdichip company and it offers 4 uart connections with 1 usb connection. (

Is there driver virtual com port or ardupilot incompatibility in 4 uart connections we will make with this chip?

Let’s assume that this chip worked on navio2 without any problem. How do I set up the uart ports I have connected to the chip with ardupilot? Which usb name will raspberry pi recognize the data from which uart port?

Such as uart1 port -> ttyUSB0, uart2 port -> ttyUSB1, uart3 port -> ttyUSB2, uart4 port -> ttyUSB3?

Hi Akay,

Sorry for keeping silence, we are already looking into this.

Hi Dmitriy,

I will have one more question. Does Ardupilot support more than 5 uart ports?

Hi Akay,

Thanks for your patience.

I’m afraid I can’t really guide you through the installation of the ft4232h as we’ve never tested such a setup. However, the USB to UART converter should work just fine with up to 6 UART connections available - the number of ports you can use simultaneously is restricted by the number of switch flags (A, B, C, D, E, F).

So, the order would be:

uart port 1-> ttyAMA0; uart port 2-> ttyAMA1 and further on.

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