Usb to etherneth - connect to a dsl modem/router - configuration

Is it possible to connect reach to a dsl modem or router?

can i give a fixed ip accorting to my system to reach? eg. 192.168.178.xx x=reach



Well, you can connect Reach to any Wi-Fi router. Regarding wired connection, you may connect it via Ethernet USB, which will work with a Linux computer. For example, OpenWRT router might be considered one.

Regarding static IP, this is a router settings, you will need to go to its web interface, find Reach in the connected devices and add a fixed IP for it.

i use a it´s from germany and linux based. if i use wi-fi i see reach and can add a fixed ip for it.

if i turn of wifi on the und i try to connect via etherned usb i got no sucess…

the ip should assigned thrue dhcp:

i think the reason is my router uses ip adresses from to…

intel edison…

i have found this on and try it:

DHCP you could also easily switch on by starting connman:

systemctl enable connman && systemctl start connman

Is a wired connection direct to router standard RJ45 port possible? I want a more stable Internet connection than WiFi. This is for a permanent base station.

Do any of the USB to Ethernet adapters offer Reach wired Internet? Does Reach have drivers for these adapters?

Hi did you ever get this fixed. I’m trying to setup a REACH as a CORS too and want to connect directly to our network lab using a dlink adaptor. I have a fixed IP allocated for the receiver that I want to add. It’s seems a bit messy when not using WiFi to connect to a lan network.

There is some info here in this post:

I would recommend against connecting Reach directly to a modem. Make sure Reach is behind a firewall (router) as it is not hardened for exposure to the WAN, nor should it have to deal with fending off constant botnet attacks. It’s granted that some modems have built-in firewalls though.

You might know that already, but I’m saying it for everyone that reads this.