USB Joystick to PPM via RF

Hi guys!

With @LGenzelis we’ve been working in a USB Joystick to PPM generator that uses a Linux GCS, a Linux compatible USB joystick, two Arduino Nano and two NRF24L01 modules. In this way, the commands sent with the USB joystick are sent remotely to the Arduino connected to the Navio2. Everything is in alpha state but seems to work well and was useful as a workaround for us, since we don’t have a proper RF controller.

You can check the code here, it is not well documented yet.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Hi @guido_sanchez,

Thanks for posting it here!
As far as I know, there were users interested in using a joystick control.
It’d be interesting to see the video of how it works.


Here is a short video of the whole thing working. The ESC we are using for throttle is not very good at going backwards, but the command to go in that direction is sent.

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Nice work :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep us updated about your project!

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