Usb input and output option in latest reach veiw version missing?

Both units updated to latest version and only UART is given as a serial input/output option. How do you setup for usb input?

USB option is shown dynamically if a USB device, which supports serial profile (like 3dr radio) is connected over USB OTG.

Wifi wont broadcast when I connect an OTG so I cant see the dynamically generated menu option :frowning: using a 2amp 5v power supply to df13

power supply issue solved and all is working! Thanks

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Edison Windows drivers installed a version of usbser.sys and Reach now shows up as a serial COM port when connected (as well as MSC & RNDIS). However the USB option still doesn’t show up in ReachView UI. How to configure the ttyUSB0 for serial output?

I use usbser with other devices, mostly with ARM micros (STM32/Freescale).


Max, we do not currently support serial over USB port on Reach in client mode. The USB option is used when you plug in usb devices in the OTG mode. As shown here:

Having a serial profile will be a good addition, but it is not very straightforward and there is already RNDIS in place, which lets you have a full network connection and stream data over TCP.