Usb ftdi

Hello all,

I have an Osepp usb to FTDI board. I am using it currently to use the RFD900 radio via usb. The FTDI board has 3, 6 pin serial connections. Currently I am only using one. Is it possible to use the other two… or just even one as a mapped GPIO pin for ardupilot on Navio2?

I am a bit stumped how to set it up. I know that when starting ardupilot the suffic “-C /dev/ttyUSB0” will make ardupilot use telmetry over usb and if i lookup the status of the FTDI device on the raspberry using “dmesg | grep” it shows “FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0”. I imiagine if I had another device it would show something else attached to ttyUSB1?

Your latest assumption is completely true. So I don’t see any obstacles in the way of using more virtual serial devices.