USB cable/plug getting hot

I just wanted to know from other users if their charging cable (the usb plug) is getting quite hot when they are charging their RS2 units?
I am using my ipad charger which has a 5w capacity for charging via a USB C cable. I do not think this is normal. The cable for my iphone do not get hot using the same adapter.

Hi Juan,

Could you please try charging the RS2 from another power brick or your Laptop and tell me whether you encounter the same behaviour? Have you tried another USB-C cable?


I also wanted to add to my previous message that it does not mean that something is wrong if the charger or cable is getting hotter than usual. The RS2 is equipped with a higher-capacity battery than an iPhone or iPad, that is why it may require more current to charge, which leads to the fact that the cable or charger might get warm.

I beg to disagree. Chargers/cables should not be hot to the point that you could not touch it without dropping it. If left overnight while charging, it may explode and be the cause of a fire.

Hi Juan,

There’s a small printed user guide going within Reach RS2 package. It contains charging requirements and the instructions of what power adapter we recommend to use.

It is a normal for adapter to heat up if it weaker than necessary. Please use at least 5V/2A to charge Reach RS2.

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