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Kindly is the code hosted on github is the code for current reachview?

Can I use such code for a startup, and build on it a product for ourselves?

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Hey @hasheduhash can you give me your startups Intellectual Property, so I can compete with you directly, building a new product using your own code?

Sound like a bad idea?

I doubt that Emlid will respond to you about this.

ReachView is the basis of their companies niche in global positioning systems, that they found for themselves.


Its on github, is not it?
Does this license support that?

Does this code include everything needed?
Is this the current version of reachview?

It is at least 6 years old. At Emlid’s development cycle, it’s ancient.

Grab yourself a copy of RTKLib and get to work on your own interface.


We’ve discussed this over email, so I’ll just post my answer here as well.

The ReachView code on GitHub is available under the GPLv3 license. You are free to use it, as long you open the source of your code base as well.

Sadly, this version is really old and has little connection with ReachView 3 available for smartphones. The source code for the new app is not available for public use.

The good thing is that in most cases having access to the source code is not required to perform some kind of integration with Reach receivers.


Does rtklib go smooth with linux development?

Rtklib is the best I can build on?
I am looking to build software for land surveying

I am not a software engineer. “Software for land surveying” is a general, broad statement. Whether or not RTKLib is appropriate for your purpose depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to work with precision gnss observation data, I do not know of anything else that is open source. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something.

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Measure distance between receivers, hopefully to reach advanced features like stack out line and arc

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