[Urgent] Help with setting up an ad hoc connection!


I’m in a group project and we’ve been using an RPi 3 for a while. We’ve been communicating with it using an ad hoc connection which has been working very smoothly with no problems. We just recently installed the Navio2 shield on our board with the emlid raspian image and tried setting up the ad hoc network the same way we did before but now we’re getting nothing. No network connection is there for us to connect to.

Any help would be appreciated as our project is now on hold until we get this problem figured out.

Thank you!

i used this instructions to get an adhoc network running:

Thanks for the advice!

We actually followed that tutorial perfectly…3 times. Still nothing. It’s just not broadcasting the ad hoc connection for us.

are you using the internal wifi or a usb dongle ?
looks like they changed the instruction from last time i was using it, now they use systemd
im still using rc.local no need to change that for me since its working (with external dongle)
the intermal wifi im using for infrastructure, e.g. internet and updates, adhoc only for gsc
check those out if systemd doesnt work for you
there is a script for rc.local its pritty much the same what im using, im just not using the fallback version since i got two wifi-adapters
good luck!

Hello, guys!

There’s a cool project called create_ap which works out of the box.

Just follow instructions in README and you’re good to go!

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I’d suggest you to edit the dependencies in the README, inserting the dnsmasq package. I had to install it in my RPi 3 in order for it to work.

PS: great job!!

Please help! I was previously using raspberry pis as companion computers to the Pixhawk with an attached wifi usb dongle. We have been communicating between raspberry pi’s running default Raspbian for awhile…now we took out the Pixhawks and added the navio2 hat to our rpi3b and uploaded the emlid navio2 image. We copied over our etc/network/interfaces file and the ad hoc network is showing up on ifconfig but we can’t ping or SSH into the RPi. The directions listed above are for setting up an Access Point, but we don’t need a gateway or internet access so we just want simple ad hoc communication between the RPis with navio hats. Please advise.