Upgrade your Reach RS/RS+ with a vibration damping platform for smooth machinery guidance

Rough vibrations, typical for machinery, can affect RTK performance bringing down the quality of machinery guidance and auto-steering. That’s why we created Vibration Damping Platform for Reach RS/RS+, meant to reduce vibrations transferred to the receiver.

We have conducted a series of tests where a pair of Reach RS was installed on tractors. One Reach RS was installed rigidly, another – using the Vibration Damping Platform. The fixed solution for Reach RS with vibration damping platform was holding 96.1% of the time versus 61% for Reach RS mounted without damping.

Tests show that a vibration damping platform for Reach RS/RS+ helps to reduce an impact of severe shocks drastically increasing fix time.

As you can see from the graphs below, the acceleration for all 3 axes is reduced, as well as the solution is more robust and accurate – fix rate is significantly higher.

Solution dropout caused by a heavy bump that can be noticed on the left graphs evaporates on the right, thanks to damping platform.

Vibration Damping Platform is now available for order in Emlid Online Store. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any question about using the platform on your machinery.


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