Upgrade to Reach RS+ LoRa antenna

I am interested in upgrading the LoRa antenna/aerial on my two Reach RS+ receivers.

The original are quite shoddy. For example, they can easily bend backwards at the hinge exposing wires and a circuit board. I have always been paranoid that one would break while in the field. Additionally, they are needlessly difficult to attach/detach unless you have tiny fingers.

I note that Emlid have changed the antenna style for the Reach RS2. Does anyone know the specs on the original antenna and how that compares to the new Reach RS2 LoRa antenna? Or have suggestions for a non-Emlid antenna that may improve LoRa distance?

Hi @BucolicBison,

Thanks for your patience and welcome to the community forum!

Please, share the photos of your LoRa antenna so we could check what could be wrong with it.

Reach RS2’s LoRa antenna is fully compatible to work with Reach RS+. You can use it.

You might detect minor changes with RS2’s LoRa antenna performance. However, there will be no great difference in its effectiveness since LoRa radio is low-powered.

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