Upgrade the PPK kit for the mavic pro 2 to an RTK kit

Hi there

I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the PPK kit to an RTK kit just by adding the Lora radio on the drone ?!

I would like to make the test monday, anybody have experienced it?

Any advices is welcome!!


Hi @stevennefabian,

The DJI system is known for its closed architecture, making it difficult to integrate third-party components or modify the setup for custom applications. Hence, there is no straightforward way to integrate them for RTK.

It is also worth noting that in general, Reach M2 requires PPK for drone mapping.


Wonder how fast this set up can record RTK points accurately being aviation? Max 10 Hz? Seems like it would have to be some sort of fixed vehicle on a fixed track (i.e. rail) to analyze the speed and accuracy. In the past Honda did something like this with a race car and older single-band L1 Emlid RS units.

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We don’t have a limit for the maximum operating speed but you may need to consider the higher vibrations at high speeds. However, Reach M2 can track satellites with a maximum update rate of 10 Hz.

I’d also like to mention that you can use M2 for real-time navigation. Reach M2 can output its centimeter-accurate position at regular intervals in RTK and the drone’s autopilot can use the position for RTK navigation.

But for precise mapping with Reach M2, post-processing is required. This setup requires a hot shoe connection to the drone’s camera.

Hello! What was the result of the test?


It was really bad.

Unfortunately, the ppk kit was too heavy for the Mavic 2 pro.

The drone was always falling during the take off and was broken after the third attempt.

I’ve noticed that the drone could take off in a manually mode but not with the planification mode.

I used to do the planification with dream harmony with a really low speed. I figure out that the reason why the drone hadn’´t enought power to lift the ppk kit.

All weight counts. Did you test it without LORA?

Hello Ruth,
Currently I have Mavic 3 Msp + RTK Module + DJI RTK Mobile Base. At the moment I use relative accuracy from the mobile base.
Plan to purchase RS3 next year for survey tool. So, if I want to perform PPK, RS3 as base and Mavic 3 to capture object - do I need additional Reach to be installed on the drone? Or I can use PPKOBS.obs file by default from the drone to be post processed from RS3 Rinex file?


Hi @gisverdant,

If your drone generates an OBS file, it should be possible to process it with the data from Reach RS3 base as described in this guide. Do you also have time marks recorded to the MRK file?

Hi Julia
Thank you for the info. Yes, it has MRK files as attached.
Screenshot 2023-11-30 064312


The workflow I shared is for RTK drones. But since you have an additional RTK module that provides all the necessary data, I think it should work the same way.

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