Upgrade DJI MG1-P


I would like to hear from you if anyone has made any improvements to DJI’s drone for agricultural spraying, the MG1-P.
A colleague of mine bought one and is unhappy with the accuracy of the application mapping.
And then the question arose whether there’s any way to get a third-party RTK on it.
DJI’s RTK is too closed and too expensive.

Would it be possible to install an Emlid RTK system on it?
And using an RS2 as a base or even an Ntrip base?

Before you start DIY’ing it, I think it would be beneficial to figure out why he is t happy, and ultimately why can be done about it.

I’d be happy to take a look at raw-logs etc.

One question: how does he correct the GNSS signal on drone? NTRIP, local base? What’s the baseline?

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You can Emlid PPK to a log file which allows you to correct the GPS track from the flight but there are other variables that come into play when you want to write those observations to the images as they are taken. The other advanced functionality is that other drones use the RTK connection for navigation which I don’t think is possible at this time with RTK and obviously not PPK.

That is the problem.
This spray drone of his has no correction, it works autonomously, without GNSS correction.
And so, we have two major error sources:

  1. Error in mapping area to application. If done with the drone itself or with the radio control it will result in a few meters of accuracy;
  2. Error in positioning the drone’s GNSS. It will also result in a few meters of error;

What he has noticed is that the drone’s positional accuracy is pretty bad, in some cases at around 8 meters.
This can negatively influence the spraying of your crops and drone maneuvers.

This is the drone:

The price for an upgrade with DJI’s RTK is in the range of U$8,000.00 (eight thousand dollars) here in Brazil.

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That is the problem with native GNSS. You are probably an average of 2-3m but up to 10m at worst. This is ok for standalone maps if you don’t care about grade but the horizontal on the maps will never be aligned from map to map unless you use a solution that auto-aligns by landmarks like DroneDeploy. That kit looks open enough that it maybe be possible to integrate the M2 and tag photos but that is going to take some research. I would talk to the manufacturer because they probably already have this on their roadmap. For now I would consider getting some GCP’s surveyed in at the major corners for alignment but this will not enhance the navigation like you need. Once you get corrections to the drone you won’t need them any longer for what you are doing.

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