Updating ReachView through Ethernet connection

Hello all!

Currently it is not possible to update ReachView through internet connection formed via Ethernet cable (+USB OTG cable). However, it is possible to check the available updates through this kind of connection but the update itself requires Wi-Fi connection. Is this issue taken into account in the future ReachView versions? Or is there a good reason why it is not possible to update ReachView through Ethernet connection I just fail to see?

Our company uses Reach M+ modules in applications where only Ethernet connection is available. Updating modules via Ethernet connection without the need of Wi-Fi connection would be a valuable feature for us.

Thank you in advance for your answer!

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Hi Dimoteus ,

At the moment we indeed support upgrading via Wi-Fi only. However, your request is noted, this feature can be useful for applications similar to yours.


Thank you Artem for your reply. Great to hear that you noted the request for this feature. I am sure that several other users would benefit of this feature as well. I’ll look forward to seeing possibility to update ReachView through Ethernet in one of the future updates of ReachView.

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Hi Dimoteus,

Have you seen this forum post

connect by ethernet

I have just bought 2 RS2s and I could not update the RS2 on my wifi network (perhaps because of the security settings the iPhone app cannot see it despite the blue light saying it is connected to the network). However, connecting to the RS2s via the usb I was able to get into the settings and update ReachView and program the settings.

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