Updating Problem

i have a problem, i want to update my reach, i have a 1.2 version and i download the new versione with intel edison board setup, but, when the update is complete and the reach is connect to the wifi, the page doesn’t work.
thanks and sorry for my bad english.

You mean Emlid loading screen?

In my experience, running in Chrome in Incognito mode helps if the Emlid loading screen starts but doesn’t fully open Reachview app.

I dont create/manage wifi with intel tool, i log on to reach after. Have you tried that?

you need to download the image from emlid:
and point to the image with the edison firmware flasher!
after flashing you need no connect to the hotspot which reach creates and put in your wifi credentials!

now i use the flashtool lite for install reach version 1.2

when i uploading the reach on version 2.1 with flashtool lite, the software doesn’t work…i don’t know…

help me…

are you sure you flashed the right image when upgrading to 2.1 ?

  • you should point to the .json file from inside the 2.1 folder and then flash;
  • after flashing you disconnect and connect your reach device;
  • wait for the hotspot;
  • connect to the hotspot;
  • enter wifi credentials on reach’s webpage (;

explain what you mean more precisely please;


Why don’t you try to just flash Reach with Intel’s tool? After that, close it and let the new app do the rest.

Take a look at my post regarding Intel’s flashtool here.

I configured the device and works with the wifi ip, but when I access edison software does not recognize it …

Like this V1.2 to 2.1.5 firmware upgrade EPIC fail - #17 by jmiranda

Or like this? V1.2 to 2.1.5 firmware upgrade EPIC fail - #6 by TB_RTK

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thanks a lot…now all works fine…thanks

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