Updating firmware on RS

Old RS, probably hasn’t been used much and is likely a couple years old.
I can connect to it and it tells me the firmware needs updating.
When I go to the updater, all I end up with is a black screen with the emld logo…but nothing appears after that to continue the process.
I installed the latest version of reachview on my phone, pwr/net/stat all appear to be good.
Tried this a few times… if I am indoors I do get a brief message saying RS needs a clear view of the sky… which I gave it to no avail.
I’d love to be able to start using this, any suggestions?

Hi @dhicks26,

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I assume the firmware on your Reach RS is quite old. So let’s try to reflash it to the latest firmware version. To do that, you can just follow the steps of this guide.

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