Updates on the forum: new server, TLS, new login and solved ticks!

Dear Community Members,

Since last April our numbers grew 4 times and there is now more than a thousand of those who actively read, post and comment! :tada: With growing number of members and posts a need for upgrades became evident.

We have migrated our community forum to a new, faster server. Page opening speed has been increased and issues with dropped connection are a thing of the past. Community traffic is now delivered over HTTPS and you can be sure that you are getting real, authentic advice from Emlid. :smile:

New login method has been added. In the future it will be propagated to our shop and all our future services. With a single login you will be able to access anything we come up with :slight_smile: Your old login and password should match and if you used social providers like Google, Facebook or GitHub you should be logged back to your account. If you are experiencing any issues please let us know here or at support@emlid.com.

Another important addition are the solved ticks that will help to navigate to the correct reply. Previously we would adjust the topic with [SOLVED] tag, but now it can be handled in a more elegant and informative way. If you are the author of the question, you can mark correct reply with a โ€œSolutionโ€ tick.

First post will also get a link to the correct reply.

It also makes it easier for us to see which questions got answered and which not.

Thank you for being so active and for the friendly, helpful atmosphere of this community! And thank you, @denis.nikolaev for making these updates a reality!

Best regards,


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