Update to 2.20.7

I want to update reach rs2 to version 2.20.7 when I connect to a Wi-Fi network it does not detect if there is any stable version. I ask to update my rs2 devices do I have to perform the flash?, or is there another way to update

Hi Abel! If there are times when you don’t recognize the Wi-Fi network, you have to turn it off and on again.

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Hi Abel,

What is the network LED status on this unit?

Please, make sure that you connected your Reach device to the network with the Internet access.

Hi Abel,

Just wanted to make sure it’s all clear: to update to 2.20.7 you need to reflash the device.

I can do a reset from the app or I have to flash

Dear developers! When will you please a geodesy-ready app?

Todavía aquí esperando.


Hi Abel,

You have to download the new image here and reflash the device.

Hi @geodeznet1,

Could you elaborate on what you’d like us to add to the App?

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Coordinate system, geoid, localization, coding of points and lines that you need to add for shooting, sound when taking samples and staking. Also, a big request is to collect points with one click, without duplication (save), which is very unpleasant in the field.


@polina.buriak Hi there is a new image available? I have version 2.20.7

@polina.buriak Be able to enter the coordinates of the database from a database

@geodeznet1, @agrimgalina

Thank you for your suggestions!

We expect to add them in future versions of the ReachView App.

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Hi Luis,

No, we were talking just about updating to v2.20.7 :slight_smile:

Por favor añadir UTM xyz

Hi Glessner,

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’re working on adding it to the future version of the ReachView App :slight_smile:

Also, please note that the public section of this forum is in English. Next time, please, use English so that everyone can understand you :wink:

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hola buen dia a todos, todo lo que pedimos esta por demas pedirlo, porque la empresa emlid deberia no estar levantando deseos, sino estar trabajando en desarrollar un buen software para poder emplear al 100% nuestros equipos, que si son baratos ya todo mundo lo sabe pero si no temenos un buen software para emplearlo sale igual de caro porque los software estan casi al precio de los equipos, tal vez deberian ver como estan las aplicaciones y copiar algo como nuwa u otro apps porque al parecer no saben hacerlo; es solo la impresion que da el equipo de emlid tal vez hay un trasfondo en todo esto para no hacer una buen apps

hello good morning to everyone, everything we ask this for everything to ask, because the emlid company should not be raising desires, but be working on developing good software to be able to employ 100% our equipment, that if they are cheap and everyone knows it but if not t good software to use it is just as expensive because the software is almost at the price of the computers, maybe they should see how the applications are and copy something like nuwa or other apps because apparently they do not know how to do it; it’s just the impression that the emlid team gives maybe there’s a background in all of this so as not to make a good apps

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