Update reachview/firmware always crashing


do you guys have so many crashes during the update of your antenna? Message :

“Failed to perform Update”

I am trying to install the 2.22.4 from the 2.22.3, and I get the same problem before when I upgraded to the 2.22.3, and also from the previous version, every update is a nightmare… the step “downloading” is so long (more than 40 min) and crash after. So after maybe 15 tries, sometimes, my antenna finishes updating… I tried from the ios app, from the web explorer, from different wifi and also from the mobile network… I will finish by trow all of this stuff by the windows I think… I have the same problem on the reach RS+ and RS2…

any advice?

Hi @adenisot,

May I ask you to share the Full system reports from both of your units? We’d like to check the system state to figure out what might be wrong.

The Full system report contains sensitive information such as passwords or NTRIP credentials. So please send this to me in private messages.

Ok, I just sent you the full system report.

I finally succeeded to update the antenna but not from the “normal” way.

After many tries, the antenna got stuck during the boot time, the LEDs were doing a (crawling) moving line indefinitely. So I had to back up my data inside with ssh and perform a firmware flash with the emlid tool software. So I get the 2.22.4 but the dev version still refuses to install, the version showed is the 2.23.5 even before the firmware flash the system proposed to me the 2.23.6…

Hi Arnaud,

Thank you for sharing the report. It will take us a while to investigate this.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks, but I think the report I sent you will not contain too much info as I had to reset the anthenna.

Hi Arnaud,

Sorry it takes so long to get back to you! We’re still investigating this issue. I’ll write to you as soon as there is any news.

Thank you for your patience.

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