Update ReachRS to 2.9.3?

Running Reach RS, it says

App version
ReachView version: v2.9.2-r0
You are up to date!

While I see there is a 2.9.3 out there. Do I miss anything?

You should see 2.16.0 (2.16.1) ? Please click the check button, and see if it changes?

What Check Button? Where is that located?

you are still on a older version… REALLY MISS that “GNSS Predictor” which has been deprecated and wish would bring back! ; ) (try this before you update as it will disappear after updating!)


well, I don’t get any Upgrade options for some reason. reach is on a Local wifi that has internet… that’s how it receives the corrections.

odd indeed.

@michael.asgian: just surf to the updater page at port 5000

for example:

Hi @michael.asgian,

You also can reflash the unit with v2.16 image using the guide from our docs.

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