Update rate

what will be the difference in performance when increasing the update rate of The Base?

im working with lora radio for correction


Awesome question

Ive always wondered if observation rate had any effect on correction quality.

The uncorrected gps seems more stable at a higher observation rate, would that create a more stable correction.

Hopefully there is a way to test this

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Hi guys,

The 1 Hz update rate is usually just enough for the base. With a higher update rate in the GNSS settings and RTCM3 messages tabs, the rover will get more correction data. But as the base doesn’t move, it shouldn’t affect the result significantly.

The main thing you need to consider for good correction quality is the environmental conditions. The best option is a rather open area with no RF interference.

The correction stability depends on how the correction link is established. If it’s the LoRa radio, provide a line of sight between the units for the best performance.

UPD: Added some details to make the update rate influence clearer


This was interesting to me but from a drone operator’s perspective. Wouldn’t it help if there were more logs when post-processing the drone’s flight path?

Hi Donald,

The base unit stays at the same point throughout a survey in both RTK and PPK. So the same applies here: you can use the 1 Hz update rate for the base.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I was referring to the fact that corrections are done on the rover (drone). So I was wondering if the log (base) is more than 1 Hz, if that would increase the accuracy of the position of the rover.

I don’t understand postprocessing to a high degree, but believe that the exact time is essential to model the errors. I am therefore assuming, that the more exact/near the time is between the base and rover, the better the ambiguity is resolved.

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Hi Donald,

Oh, I see what you mean. If the rover uses base corrections that were generated many seconds ago, it indeed can affect the solution badly. But 1-2 sec age of differential works well. Since the base is static, the data doesn’t change that much during this time.

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