Update Glibc on Edge or other solution for updated Ardupilot

I’m using an Edge and would like to run the newest branches of Arducopter on it. I’m compiling from source on current Ubuntu 18.04 and loading it on the Edge as instructed in the Edge for Developers documentation. After verifying our needed functionality on master branch Ardupilot, I’ll be implementing our own branch, and so need the flexibility of compiling our own.

When attempting to run the arducopter binary on the Edge, I get ./arducopter: /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libm.so.6: version GLIBC_2.27 not found (required by ./arducopter).

This being an Edge, my interface is only over the WiFi units, and I don’t have a way to easily plug an ethernet jack or configure the pi radio to act as a client and still have a way to ssh in. I could of course load Glibc source on the Pi and make it there, but Glibc is notoriously painful to make from source.

Is there a good strategy for my problem? Could I update Glibc via the package manager by getting the Pi on a network somehow? Could I add in some arguments at Arducopter compile to specify a Glibc version that is already available on the 2018-07-04 pi issue? Better options?

Thanks for your help!

Just in case anyone else comes upon this problem, I ended up compiling on a separate RPi with the Edge image loaded on it. This guaranteed a similar compile environment. My long-term plan will be to manage our own branch of Emlid’s Raspbian along with our own branch of Ardupilot.

Hi @justin.huntington,

Thanks for sharing the solution with us! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope it will help someone.

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