Update firmware not to the latest

My Reach RS is on version v2.5.3

I connected it to my home wifi with internet.

I connected my phone to my home wifi and then connect to my Reach RS

When I go to the settings it says

ReachView version: v2.5.3-r0
You are up to date!

However this is not the latest firmware

Help please

So are you saying that:

Reach RS is connected to your home Wi-Fi
Your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi
Your home Wi-Fi is connected to the Internet
You access ReachView with your phone and it will not update?

To me this means that Reach RS can’t find Emlid’s software repository, or can’t successfully download the latest software release files.

Please confirm that you have no troubles accessing the Internet and downloading files with your phone or laptop using the same WiFi.

If no troubles, then can you reboot Reach RS and try again? Can you tell me what the IP address of you Wi-Fi router is, and also the IP address of your Reach RS?

Ok did what you asked and reboot and it was able to update to this version below.

The update go stuck though but somehow it still was able to update to the latest?

However now with the base section it keeps turning on an off. Not sure what the issue is

ReachView version:



You are up to date!

v2.10.0 is the latest “stable” version

If you are using the “DEV” version, then it should be upgrading you to v2.10.3 ( I believe )

Perhaps you need to reboot once more and try to update.

If you have weird problems, then the solution would be to reflash with the v2.9 firmware in the docs and update again (but beware that you will loose all your settings and files in doing this).

My suspicion is that your Wi-Fi or Internet connection to the Emlid server may not have been good while your were updating.

Thanks a lot for the help. Now once I rebooted the unit it now says 2.10.0 Stable and the issue is gone.

Thank you again for the help

Much apperciated