Update firmware and reflashing firmware


update firmware

I have two Emlid Reach RS+ antennas, base antenna and rover antenna.

The rover antenna is updated to version 31.7 and the base antenna has version 29.2, but when searching for firmware updates it says that the firmware is updated, even though they are the same antennas.

I have tried the reflashing firmware method but in the process the antenna disconnects and connects from the USB and generates an error at the end.

How can I update the firmware?

Wonder if their cloud services are down again if latest firmware download not showing up?

Yes, and if the firmware flash is not successful, I believe it will revert to the previously-installed version.

So it might also be useful to try the firmware flash again, in different ways:

  • different USB cable
  • different USB port on computer
  • and maybe try a different kind of computer

Also, think about cleaning the USB port in the Reach RS+.

In the electronics industry, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol is frequently used for cleaning parts, and something like a toothbrush can help to scrub any debris off of contacts. Let it air-dry, or blow air in the socket to make it dry faster.

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Just wanted to confirm Ceith’s point: using different cables, ports, or computers helps to reflash the device in some cases.

Also, can you connect to the Reach Panel and check if the update is visible there? If RS+ is in client Wi-Fi mode (blue LED is blinking slowly), you can find its IP address using the network scanning tool (Fing, for example) and enter the IP address in the address bar.