Update-alternatives is not working

I recently installed the emlid image onto the navio2 + rpi board to run ArduPlane. Upon installation, we were not greeted by which config to choose just the terminal. I tried “sudo update-alternatives --config arduplane” and got “update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for arduplane” and “/etc/default/arduplane” file does not exist. I have been running sudo ArduPlane -A udp: and connecting a dronekit script, and I can successfully fly an auto mission but when flying in GUIDED mode that sends new goto and target airspeed commands at a 2Hz rate, the data my dronekit script receives is incorrect. There are ~5 second periods where we don’t get new data and my message listeners are not updating, but when they do after ~5 seconds it is old data measured 5 seconds ago. I’m guessing the data is being put on a buffer somewhere…is it because I’m not using the systemctl or systemd??

It seems like you somehow installed an old image.

Could you please follow these instructions and then post the output of emlidtool.

Yes we must have installed it right before the update and have been trying to use the new docs…rip…new image is working good. Thank you for the responses!

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