UP - Intel x5-Z8300 board in a Raspberry Pi2 form factor


I want to share a new board that might work with the Navio+ board.

Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300

UP is equipped with 1GB DDR3L RAM and 16 GB eMMC. UP has 40 GPIO with the same connector and pin definition of Raspberry PI2 leaving the freedom to the makers to build up their shield. UP has 5 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0 OTG , 1 x Gbit Ethernet, 1 x DSI port, 1 x Camera ( MIPI ), 1 x HMDI and a RTC.

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I doubt you’ll get official Linux/APM support unless they write their own HAL and convert the whole APM codebase to compile on Windows.

However, as they claim Windows 10 compatibility, if they really provide that (minidrivers for GPIO/SPI/UART) then I would be interested to get the Emlid SDK for Windiws IoT working on it (assuming Emlid have no objection). But only after the primary RasPi2 version is complete.

But I hope their Windows 10 support is not just desktop with no drivers (then no GPIO). They really should be members of the IoT program to put that board out properly as “Windows supported”. I’ll certainly check back later on that. If they can really mass produce those things and ship worldwide then it could be worth the effort.

Something to look forward to perhaps :wink:

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