Unusual Elevation

Good afternoon Concern
During RTK survey, we are noticing unusual elevation in Emlid Flow App. Suppose we are taking points but sometimes it shows elevation value which is not synchronize our elevation data set.

Main problem is unusual elevation. Please see some screenshot of data. Hope, it will help to understand.

Hi @tapos.25b,

I see that the elevation value coincides with ellipsoidal height. It looks like the geoid model was not applied for some of the points. What is the model of mobile device you use to collect the data? And what is its OS version? Do you use the latest 9.9 version of Emlid Flow?

Also, could you please send me the CSV file itself? You can add it here or send via PM.

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I have had this issue occur with one of our workmates running the RX, V9.9 emlid flow on an android device (unsure of details but modern, name brand phone)



Microsurvey FieldGenius lets you change GEOIDS and Coordinate Systems even after the fact. Not just at initial project setup and stuck with it. It does not let you change the unit of measurements though of course.


Hi guys,

We’ve released a new version of the Emlid Flow—9.10. It contains a possible fix for this issue with heights. Please update your app and check if it helps in the newly created projects.

Feel free to share the results. Thank you!


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