Unit turning off

My rover keeps on turning off? How can I stop it?

Do you have enough battery?

I set my base station up and set wifi to rover off I walked, everything was going fine, when I noticed that wifi had been lost. I checked my rover and it was off. When I got back to the office I was downloading my survey when the unit turned off again? any help?

Sat next to it now and it has done it again. says 61 percent battery, my phone battery is low, would that turn it off? Just turned it back on now. Was working perfect the other night, had it on for a good hour.

Your phone battery should not turn off your RS unit.
Try a hard reset. Push power button for 15-20 sec

Sat next to it now, and it hasn’t gone off, still on, weird??

Hi @rowleysurveying,

Would you mind specifying the receiver you’re working with?

May I ask you to generate the Full System Report on the unit and send it to me in PM for a closer look? You can find out how to download the FSR from the device in this guide.

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