Uniform entry for HI and Pole Ht

Can I request that antenna ht and pole height entry be done uniformly? In the survey tab, reachview app adds 0.134 to the pole height automatically. In the base mode tab, we have to add the 0.134 distance to the antenna height. Sometimes I forget to add this 0.134 because I am so used to it being done automatically in the survey tab. It’s just a few lines of code.

Actually, it would be even better if we could enter the height of additional “spacers” to define our setup and keep them in memory.

For instance, I always use the same tribrach, tribrach adapter, and extension when I’m setting up the receivers on a tripod. If we could save those heights as preset equipment setups and then just measure from the point to the top surface on the tripod, it would make the measurement much easier, no need to add the value from memory.

Hi Juan,

Thanks for the request! We’ll consider adding the feature in ReachView 3. However, we don’t have such plans for ReachView 2.

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